Words With Friends 2

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Play a version of Scrabble with your friends


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Words With Friends 2 is a variant of the classic Scrabble developed by Zynga, thanks to which you can put words on a board with your friends anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is log in with your Facebook account if you want to challenge any one of them.

The gameplay is familiar to everybody: the idea is to get more points than your opponent using the letters you have available. To do that you've got to lay them down on a board, where there are also various boxes that make your letters or words get a double or even triple score. Thus you need not only to know a thing or two about spelling, but also think with an eye to strategy.

As its name indicates, Words With Friends 2 is especially designed to play online with friends. That said, the game also has one-player challenges where you can face big personalities from the world of literature in quite short matches.

Words With Friends 2 is a modernized version of a game that almost everybody knows and enjoys. A perfect title to have fun with at any time, where you can play alone, with friends, or even with strangers.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher